Personal Trail Guide App for Riders


Origin Outside would like to have a native application that skiers and boarders can reference prior to and during their excursion. Currently skiers and boards rely on a variety of mostly web based touch-points that do not provide sufficient real-time status data on the various resort trails. We strive to have every rider use our app while on location and prior to their trip to gather information on local conditions and to choose what resort area is best suited for their skill level.


Skiers and boarders currently do not have easy and quick access to which trails are open and what local weather conditions are like on any given day.


Develop a mobile application with supported Apple Watch integration, providing users with real-time – location based and geo-tracked information on trail conditions, local weather and user generated feedback on conditions etc.

The Process



We believe providing skiers/boarders a simplified mobile solution to improve on hill status communications will create a more enjoyable skiing experience.


Understand skiers/boarders on-hill skiing experience. Specifically around communication tools.

  • Identify how skiers/boarders schedule their day.
  • Understand the ways skiers/boarders navigate on the hills.
  • Learn about skiers/boarders current tech habits.

User Insights

A series of questions were conducted for both local riders as well as occasional weekend riders.

Key Insights Discovered
  • The user would like to have a tool that gives them a better indication of where choke points occur on a hill, prior to, and during their ski day.
  • The user would like to have a tool that gives them real-time updates on hill statuses in order to maximize a prime boarding experience.

Primary Persona

Mike / Married / Marketing Professional

Scenario: As a professional Marketer, Mike has a very busy work schedule which only allows him to hit the slopes with relatively short notice. Mike is an advanced level skier who likes to avoid crowds and traffic. He currently has to rely on multiple and often inconsistent on-hill reports of the various ski hills in his area. Mike is looking for a single trusted source of info.


  • Adventurous
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Regimented
  • Looking for New Experiences


  • Skiing
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Family

Tech Savviness

  • Advanced
  • Incremental Adoption

Reasons to use product

  • Plan an efficient day
  • Minimize stress
  • Maximize skiing enjoyment
  • Single application
  • Always be in the know
  • Simplification

Secondary Persona

Josh / Single / Hospitality Worker

Scenario: Josh has an inconsistent work schedule which only allows him to board when he can find time. As a local he likes to avoid tourists and large crowds. He currently has to rely on multiple sources of info to determine the best time for him to hit the slopes.


  • Thrill-seeker
  • Care-free
  • Analytical
  • Financially cautious
  • Independent
  • Flexible


  • Snowboarding
  • Socializing
  • Reading
  • Climbing

Tech Savviness

  • Intermediate
  • Open to new innovations

Reasons to use product

  • Keeps a pulse on their environment
  • Flexibility
  • Integrates well with schedule
  • Always be in the know
  • Allows user to be ahead of the curve
  • Simplification


Problem Statement

Skiers/Boarders do not have a simple way to access resort status info in real-time.

Project Deliverables
  • App Onboard
  • Trail Details Page
  • Watch App
  • Style Guide


Looking at the problem from an opportunity point of view.

User Journey

Primary Persona
Secondary Persona

Customer Map

Define user goal and steps needed to achieve goal.  Map opportunities around goals and steps.


Defining product MVP with impact vs effort.


A product flow prototype was created and tested for feedback.

Product Flow

Based on the initial user discovery, a prototype was created with the idea of placing an individual users personalized trail preferences as the core functionality. This ensures that each user can create their own optimized trail experience no matter their location on the mountain, the time of day or their level of experience.


After usability tests were conducted, a high fidelity prototype was designed and animated in Figma. Below is the clickable prototype. [Click ‘R’ on keyboard to restart at any point.]

A key component to the experience is watch integration. This will allow a user to have a simplied look at where they are at any given point in their trail experience.

Primary Logo

Slide app is for all the skiers and boarders out there looking for a personalized trail riding experience. The brand mark utilizes a chunky script style typeface that exemplifies the freedom of carving your own path.

Logo Construction
Colour Palette
Sky Blue
Glacier Blue

Project Learnings

Simplicity is key – After user research and a competitive analysis of ski focused apps, there was a realization that less is more, with much of the competition focused on providing multiple features serving multiple purposes. Slide app sets out to optimize a users trail riding experience.

Understanding the limitations – Since this app will primarily be used on the mountain, a user will naturally have limitations with cumbersome clothing and cold temperatures, as well as limited interaction time. Slide app’s watch integration is key in communicating the desired trail experience, by allowing a user to glance at their current location as well receiving haptic feedback when they stray off course.  The mobile app itself only encourages interaction when a user is on a lift where they can make preference updates and re-route their trail experience if necessary.