Personal Project


What I did
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Book layout

Pun With Party Animals!

My self and creative writer, Jordan Gabriel, continued our creative collaboration following up from our Young Corruptibles concepts from a few years back. Jordan posed the idea of creating a children’s book featuring the use of quirky and colourful animals, coincidentally, I had been itching to illustrate a stylized set of animal characters, and from this, Pun With Party Animals! was born. The book is based around a series of rhyming couplets, complete with a pun and a classic animal sound. Below is the book in full, along with some behind the scenes thoughts on the creation of the characters.

The Party Animals

Example of all the characters in their final state. My main focus was to create the characters with a simple and distinct looking body shape in order to give a unique personality to each. I also felt the simple shape would allow the characters to retain their form at smaller scales for future uses.

Original Sketches

Examples of my thought process for the various animal characteristics. I like to do early ideation in Procreate app focusing on core shapes and do further refining in Photoshop focusing on personality and poses.


For the palette, the idea was to use a primary scheme with a vintage feel to it to play up the mid-century influence in the characters look.