What I did
  • Branding
  • UI
  • Art direction
  • Webflow development


PhotoGiraffe is an early stage startup idea created by myself and my design team, Kollab. As a team of designers normally focused on building for clients we wanted full freedom to build something for ourselves. We explored a few ideas based on some high level research, and basic assumptions, which ultimately led us down the path of designing and building a web-based product for DSLR photography enthusiasts. The concept is to provide casual photographers an easy option to upload their large batch photos with the goal of auto-curating and showcasing only their 20 best photos in a shareable and downloadable gallery format. PhotoGiraffe seeks to eliminate tedious steps that often act as a barrier for everyday photographers to quickly share their best work. Below are some thoughts behind the brand name and the first iteration of the PhotoGiraffe site.

Landing Page

In order to bootstrap our project we decided to build our early stage product using the Webflow platform. This allowed us to easily integrate applications to manage user accounts, file uploads, as well as create front end animations to bring the site to life. View Live Site

Gallery page

When a user creates an account and uploads their large batch photos, PhotoGiraffe serves back the user their 20 best photos in a shareable gallery format like the example shown here.

Logo design

Our team wanted to position our brand in a lighthearted, quirky and fun manner since we felt it was unique in the market we were targeting. The idea of having a mascot would be useful with our future plans of gamification and general brand affinity. We felt the giraffe would be a great representation of our brand vision since it possessed both quirky and photogenic attributes.  The name itself is meant to be a play on the word ‘photograph’. The icon is a stylized version of a giraffe using multi-coloured photo shapes to make up its iconic spots.

🏆Selected among The Best Combination Mark Logo Designs by DesignRush


For the palette the goal was to represent the brand with bold and vibrant colours, both representative of giraffes and beautiful photography.