Tazza in collaboration with Kollab


What I did
  • Branding
  • UI
  • Webflow prototype

oneClick Reservation

Working along side my collaborative design team, Kollab, we were asked to brand, design and prototype an online process that allows a buyer to purchase a pre-construction unit directly from condo developers in the United States. oneClick seeks to streamline the buying process from booking a virtual tour and reserving the unit of your choice, to working with a virtual agent to secure initial deposits and eventually final payment transactions. This is achieved through a timely flow of step by step information aimed at give the buyer clear prompts and piece of mind.

CONCEPT 1: Abstract Condo

Key Attributes:

  • Clean and modern lines
  • Depicts the structure of two condos side by side
  • Abstract lines create a subtle ‘1’ shape
CONCEPT 2: Bold One

Key Attributes:

  • Bold and distinct lines
  • Communicates the number 1
  • Subtlety creates the illusion of one high-rise in front of the other forming a one shape
Reservation widget

The oneClick Reservation widget design is intended to be used as a page add-on for Condo developer websites. It would allow for strategic positioning in order to entice a buyer to make their first step towards a condo purchase. It was designed to remain relatively neutral in look, with colour scheme and subtle use of oneClick branding. The goal in mind is to build user trust with a recognizable brand and experience, ultimately making oneClick an industry standard.


This is an example of how we envision the next oneClick widget. The idea would be to allow a user multiple paths to an online condo reservation, depending on how ready they are to take action, from confirming price of a unit to direct purchase. Various user experiences relative to each path will need to be designed and tested. For now we are focused on the reservation of a unit as it allows a potential buyer to feel confident they will not miss out on their dream unit.

Reservation page

After engaging with the oneClick widget a user is directed to a oneClick portal associated with the condo developer. Here a user can input their desired unit number or view other units available to them.


After choosing the desired unit, you will be directed to a confirmation page outlining your units details and highlights. A confirmation email with similar info and the ability to view confirmation page at a later date will be sent out as well.

oneClick landing page

Although the oneClick experience is designed as a widget for condo development websites, we envision a need to further emphasize the oneClick brand to build trust. The oneClick homepage will eventually act as a searchable index of all condo developments who are using the oneClick experience. From here a buyer will also have the ability to locate preferred developers for their desired location.

The rounded corners and elongated shapes featured on the UI elements pays homage to the art deco architecture of Miami – the birthplace of oneClick.


For the colour palette we felt that a neutral black and white scheme will allow for a modern and versatile look that won’t compete with the variety of content featured on various condo development websites.