Cicer One


What I did
  • Ideation
  • Website Design
  • Illustration

Cicer One Website and Marketing Brochure

Working under my Rebels of Design persona, along with my co-collaborator, Jordan Jocius, we were tasked to help further develop the Cicer One brand – an up and coming startup focused on user privacy.  Two key tasks were to update their website as well as create a sales+marketing one-page brochure to be used by the sales team. Our goal was to help further define their go-to-market strategy by providing them with a more approachable brand defined by an extended colour palette as well as the beginnings of an isometric library of pictographics, used to highlight in some cases, complex usage scenarios.


The website design reflected the visual brand updates with both the colour palette and the use of the new pictographics.  The overall goal of the site is to touch on high level features giving a user a snapshot of what the product can do to ensure that their client’s data is kept in a fully confidential sharing environment. A user is prompted to setup a demo time to learn in further detail what the product can do for them.


A big part of the brand update was creating a pictograph style to be used for current scenarios as well as future ones. We felt that an isometric design approach would allow us to be flexible with the various designed objects. We also felt that the angular look was distinct and tied in well with the actual product shape itself.  The iconography was designed to take cues from the angular look of the pictographs to keep a cohesive look.


The brochure design was intended to take a complex concept and simplify it down to a 2 sided one-pager as a leave-behind for the sales team.


The yellow was an existing core colour of the Cicer One brand along with black and grey. We felt that in order to be more versatile with graphics and to soften the overall feel we introduced a few shades of purple.