Axonify in collaboration with Isabel Avery


What I did
  • Illustration
  • Art direction

Axonify Superheroes

Working closely with the Isabel Avery creative team, I was tasked with the challenge to create a team of playful superheroes to shine a light on Axonify’s valuable platform offerings that current customers may not be aware of or have forgotten about. By positioning parts of the platform as Super Powers, Axonify can help better equip champions (and users) to take action in increasing employee knowledge and performance.

Captain Insight

Captain Insight’s super power represents Management.

Features to highlight:

  • Team dashboard
  • Inspections
  • Behaviours


  • Empowering your leaders

Omni-bots’ super power represents Integrated learning experience.

Features to highlight:

  • Certifications
  • Intro training
  • Behaviours


  • Ensuring your employees are certified
Dr. Comm

Dr. Comm’s super power represents Communicating/Connecting.

Features to highlight:

  • Broadcast messaging
  • Team message
  • Surveys


  • Extending connections with your employees
The Megavator

The Megavator’s super power represents Motivation and Engagement.

Features to highlight:

  • Tell-a-friend
  • Challenge-a-friend
  • Game play
  • Rewards


  • Driving employee engagement
Early Sketches

The rounded style of the characters reflects Axonify’s rounded speech bubble logo.


The palette used for the characters comes from Axonify’s brand palette.