What I did
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Layout design

2018 Data District Deco Party

The Data District Deco Party was an official after party for the inaugural True North Tech conference in Waterloo, Ontario. The concept and execution of an after party was born out of the idea of celebrating the achievements of this rapidly growing tech ecosystem. Myself and my business partner, Jordan Jocius, collaborated together under our moniker to develop a 200+ person party with an all things tech focus. The visual theme of the party was a nod to the future with a retro twist – flying cars and an 80’s colour palette.

Limited Edition Poster

24×36″ 1 of 25 limited print posters were given as a thank you to our sponsors and performers.

3x3" Sticker

3×3″ stickers were used for promotional purposes. The design concept played into the overall theme of the party, but with a particular focus on looking to the future.

Founder Institute Launch Party

18×24″ poster designed to promote Founder Institute Launch Party for Waterloo chapter.

RSVP Cards and Tickets

The tickets were digitally sent via Email. The 3.5×2″ RSVP cards were used to promote the event.


The colour palette used had a retro 80’s feel to compliment the party vibe. I particularly like the off white – I feel this helped play up the retro comic book feel of the poster.